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Sneak Peek Sunday

Since I've noticed a lot of Authors do this, I thought I'd be nice - yes, yes, I know, Me, being nice...somebody better call Guinness!  Just sayin'... - and give you fine folks a Sneak Peek at Book 2 of my Blood in the Moon Series.

The working title of this one is Blood In the Moon, Book 2: Beginnings and gives us the story of Sara Riggs and one of Dillon MacCardill's (Our Stalwart Hero from Book 1) former Teammates, Randall "Bowie" Two Wings.

Sara is the leader of New York's Northern Blood Pack and has accepted Dillon (Book 1) into the Pack for Jasmine's sake.  At hearing Dillon has been fatally injured, Bowie and the Teams former commander, Charley McCadden head to the Pack's homestead to see if they can help, but they are clueless as to what they're walking into!

With that said, here's a quick peek into their arrival...


Mullet Peninsula, Western Ireland

Randall Two Wings picked up the buzzing cell phone, flipped it open and grunted once.


He grunted a second time, instantly recognizing the voice he hadn’t heard in nearly a year, Cody Roth.  The former Special Forces Green Beret spoke in an uncharacteristically soft tone.  “It’s Dillon.”

He grunted a third time to acknowledge the seriousness of those two words.

Cody rattled off a set of coordinates and he committed them to memory. 

The line went dead.  Nothing else needed to be said.  Cody Roth was calling in the Calvary.  He reached up, took the bill of the Atlanta Braves Baseball Cap and flipped it around backwards.  Rising off the couch, he went in search of the big man.

Charley McCadden looked up when he entered the room.  The slate grey eyes of his team leader gave him a quick once over, pausing at the backwards hat.  “Who?”

He spoke, in a voice he still didn’t recognize, for the first time in a month.  “Dillon.”


He grabbed a piece of paper off the large oak desk between them, scribbled out the coordinates and left.  He knew Charley would follow and set off to prep the helicopter they kept on hand for just such emergencies.  It would be a quick flight to Dublin but a longer trek across the ocean and into the United States.

Pausing in another part of the large, semi-restored castle they called home, he scooped up a set of fake passports for them both, and added half a dozen of his favored bowie knives to the bandoliers crisscrossing his chest. 

If Cody was calling, it was definitely bad!  That man would never, ever call for backup unless the world was ending…

Chapter One

Somewhere in the wilds of Canada

This couldn’t be right.  Had he heard Cody incorrectly?  His voice may be shot but that certainly hadn’t affected his ears…at least he didn’t think it had.  He turned a look toward Charley, quirking an eyebrow in the air.

The team leader’s slate grey eyes were barely discernable in the early morning light.  His hand tightened around the handle of a P-90 sub-machine gun, black glove whispering softly in the stillness.

He saw it too…

Just below them, in a wide clearing of trees, a tall man all but dragged a bound and gagged woman toward the far side.  The rising sun was just staring to push the darkness back and there was no one but the two of them moving about.  The woman had her head down, looking defeated as she was pulled along by a leash around her neck.

She wasn’t resisting, which told him from personal experience, she’d been here a very long time.  She’d accepted her captivity.  She didn’t even have the will to fight the man holding the other end!

His thoughts tried to flash back…and he almost touched the jagged scar running the length and breadth of his throat.  Almost.  It’d been months, nearly a year to be exact, since he thought about that time and that place.  His fingers clenched into fists, trembling with an urge he knew all too well.

He wanted to rush into the clearing.

He wanted to jump the man.

He wanted to pound his face until there was nothing left but a bloody pulp.

He wanted to set the woman free…

Stilling his hands by wrapping them back around the barrel and grip of the M-16 they’d acquired from friends in New York, he focused through sheer effort of will.

So, this is why Cody called them.  If Dillon MacCardill was here, it was bad.  But, why was he here?  And where was Cody Roth?  Surely he would have greeted them by now. 

He’d tried calling once they’d touched down, but all he gotten so far was the standard, ‘The person you are calling is not within service range…’

He could see why now!  They literally, were in the middle of no where, at least 50 miles from any decent sort of civilization.  He nudged Charley with his elbow.

McCadden turned enough to look at him and nod.

They were going in.


 Marcus Woodsby smelled them an instant too late.

A voice rasped softly.  “Let her go.”

He turned, slowly quirking an eyebrow at the sight that greeted him.  Two men dressed from head to toe in solid black, crouched a couple of feet away.  One had a nasty looking P 90 sub machine gun pointed at him.  The other sported an M-16, complete with grenade launcher.  From the look in their eyes he knew neither of them would hesitate to pull the trigger.  “Excuse me?”

“Let her go,” P 90 said.  “Or I’ll drop you right here.”

He felt Maddie shift a step, moving in to defend him.  He waggled a finger and she stayed where she was.  It had started out as such a pleasant morning…ok, not so pleasant, but a morning.  Now, this.  He sighed.  “Friend, you really don’t want to do this.”

P 90’s eyes flickered in surprise.  It passed quickly and his gloved hand tightened on the grip of the small sub machine gun.  “Let, her, go.”

He chuckled.  The Beast, his ever constant companion, clawed at his consciousness, mewing to be free and deal with this threat in short order.  He ignored it and calmly reached out to press the button on the front of Maddie’s collar.  Her bonds separated with a soft pop, as they were designed to do, and fell to the ground. 

She reached up, undid her ball gag and dropped it onto of the pile at her feet.  She crossed her arms, tapped her foot and narrowed her eyes into a glower.  “Is there a reason you two are interrupting my breakfast?”

M-16 blinked and P 90 tilted his head in her direction.

Seeing them distracted, he let the Beast free…


 A warning howl rent across the early morning air.

Sara Riggs tumbled out of the bed, hitting the floor hard.  Instinct took over when a second howl pierced the silence.  Marcus?  Yep, definitely Marcus.  She’d recognize his deep, throaty grumble anywhere.  Not bothering with clothes, need she shift herself, she yanked open the cabin’s door and bolted toward the sound.

She slid to a halt in a dew covered grass a few seconds later.  What she found was definitely not what she was expecting!

Nine members of her Pack stood in a circle.  They’d all shifted.  Clawed hands flexed in and out and several of them growled deep in their chests. 

She couldn’t see anything that might be a threat until she shoved Kelly and Jones aside.

In the middle of them, two men stood back to back.  They had a pair of nasty looking weapons raised, roaming around slowly as if they couldn’t figure out which, or who, was the bigger threat.

“What the hell?” she asked.

The one facing her wore a backwards baseball cap.  He shifted a shoulder to nudge the man behind him.  This man turned enough to cut his eyes over his shoulder.

“Lady,” he said in a calm, cold tone. “I’d run if I were you.”

Run?  Why?  They were the intruders here!  “Excuse me?”

“I said, run!”

She looked up at Marcus and lifted an eyebrow.  “Marcus?”

The weapons master shifted back into human form and waved a hand at the pair.  “They started it!”  

He sounded like a two year old and she had to laugh.  “Is anyone hurt?”

Maddie shifted out of her wolven form next to him, crossed her arms and pouted out her lower lip.  “They interrupted my breakfast!”

She sounded worse than Marcus and she laughed harder.  When she regained control of herself, she waved at the others.  “It’s ok.”

They shifted but remained in a circle.  She looked at the men, who hadn’t lowered their weapons and tilted her head.  They looked ready for war.  Each of them wore too many guns for her to count quickly. 

The one facing her had two bandoliers of knives over his chest.  He was tall and she could see pitch black hair peeking out from under the rim of his cap.  His face was angular, chiseled in granite.  The muscles of his jaw worked and he stared at her, chocolate brown eyes unflinching. 

She kept her gaze locked to his.  Would he blink first?  Or would she? 

He did. 

She took a step then another then a third until she was between the barrel of his weapon and her people.  “You two must be friends of Cody’s…”


Randall blinked.  He couldn’t help it.  The woman standing in front of him was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in his life.  She was tall, about 5’8” or so, with waist length golden brown hair, and crystal green eyes that were regarding him calmly. 

She acted like they hadn’t just been surrounded by a pack of…of…well, shit, of whatever they were.  She also didn’t seem to be bothered in the slightest to be standing there, as naked as the day she was born either. 

Behind him, Charley responded to her statement.  He lowered the P 90, turned and let out a huff of air.  “And you would be?”

She didn’t take her eyes off him, continuing to hold his gaze, her own sparkling slightly.  “Sara.”

It was such a simple thing, her name.  He rolled it over in his mind and almost smiled.  Almost. 

Charley didn’t say anything else but gave the various cabins and buildings of the clearing a once over with a slow swing of his head.  “And Roth is?”

She chuckled softly and shifted her gaze just a bit over his left shoulder.

Cody answered for himself, pushing his way between the man and the woman they’d initially tried to save.  “Why the hell didn’t you two call?”

The others that had come to the defense of the male and female drifted off at his question. 

Charley frowned darkly at the shorter man then cuffed him in the back of the head for their trouble. 

Cody ducked his shoulders.  “Dammit Cap!  What’d you do that for?”

“We, did, call.”

He chuckled and turned his attention back to the woman.  But she had already turned and was walking away.  He wanted to go after her, wanted to ask a ton of questions, but didn’t.  He waited, instead, for Cody to explain.

Their friend scrubbed a hand across his face and fisted his hands on his hips.  “Well, shit,” he groused.  “Thought my cell would work out here.  Sorry Boss.”  He shrugged a bit.  “Glad you made it though.”

“What the fuck is going on Roth,” Charley growled darkly.

Cody waved a hand toward an open sided pavilion in the center of the clearing.  “Come on, we’ll talk over breakfast.”

He slung the rifle over his shoulder, hooked his thumbs into his belt and followed silently. 

Thirty minutes after they’d seated themselves at a hand made picnic table, Cody finished the long, drawn out tale with, “And that’s when she, when Jasmine just, well, bolted.”  He jerked his chin toward the distant tree line.  “That was two days ago.  We searched, followed her trail all the way to the river, but then lost it.”  He picked at a place on the table with his nail.  “She doesn’t even know he’s still alive.”

Charley, who’d stayed silent through the telling, spoke at last.  “So…they’re werewolves?”

Cody lifted a hand in a placating gesture.  “I know, I know.  I didn’t believe it at first either, but, yep they are definitely werewolves.  And now, Dillon might be one too…”

He swallowed so his voice would work, injecting his first question.  “Might?”

Cody lifted his gaze from the table.  “According to their doctor, if he can survive another 24 hours or so and if he heals enough before his first change, then yep, he might be a werewolf.”

Charley gave a passing couple a doubtful look.  The woman was leading the man this time, who – like the one they’d thought to rescue just a bit ago – was bound and gagged.  He nodded toward them. 

“And what’s with that?” Charley asked.

Cody turned to follow his gaze.  “Oh, some of the couples are, well they’re into the whole Dominant/submissive thing I guess.”  He leaned over the table a bit and lowered his voice.  “I’d honestly forgotten about that.  I’ve been around them for awhile now and it, well you just sort of learn to ignore it.  They don’t press it on to others, it seems, but they apparently dig it.”

“So, the girl, this morning?  She’s into that?” Charley asked.

Cody nodded.  “Yeah, that was Marcus and Maddie.  They’ve been married about 5 years now.  To hear her tell it, it’s heaven on earth!”

He shook a bit.  How could someone, anyone, willingly, just, let that happen?  He didn’t understand that at all!  Not after his own captivity!

Charley asked the question he would have.  “Geez, Roth, what the hell have you two gotten involved in?”

Their long time friend actually had the good sense to look hurt.  “It wasn’t my fault, blame Dillon this time!”


I hope you enjoyed this.  Book 2 will be out later on this year, so keep watching.

As always, Keep Reading, Keep Writing and Keep Reaching For Your Dreams, no matter what they are!

Thanks for stopping by.

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